Social Justice

Social Justice is the foundational principle of Triquetra Law:

Who we are:

We are a progressive, for-profit law firm, engaged in social change by making high quality legal representation available to employees suffering job discrimination, people needing protection of their civil rights  and clients with cases on appeal.

What we believe:

We believe that justice sometimes requires an advocate, and in the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:

“Laws only declare rights; they do not deliver them.”
Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? (1968)

How we work:

We want to work with you and various organizations to deliver the promise of justice that is in the law. To achieve this, we dedicate our legal practice to appealscivil rights litigation, and employment law and policy.

Our guiding principles:
  • We partner with clients by listening and providing options
  • We problem-solve with clients in response to their identified needs
  • We zealously pursue worthy legal claims and remedies on behalf of our clients
  • We offer full representation through appeal, where appropriate
  • We view our advocacy as a means to give clients a voice in our justice system
Lawyers as Leaders:

Our society is grounded in the rule of law. Therefore, Lawyers have a special responsibility for the quality of justice and a vital role in the preservation of society.  (Adapted from language in the preamble to the Pa. Rules of Prof. Conduct). At Triquetra Law, we embrace our privilege to practice law and consider ourselves to be accountable to seeking justice in individual cases, our profession, our community, and beyond.

For Employees:

Each employment case is based on its own specific facts, but generally, we can help you:

  • Assess your case – We will work with you to gauge what the best steps may be to achieve a safe and discrimination free workplace. We will also review and advise you on other civil cases that you could file.
  • Find evidence of the wrongful act – Even if you think someone treated you wrongly you must have proof to establish a legal case. This can involve searching for witnesses and documents, and reviewing policies and practices with other employees.
  • By acting as the contact between you and your employer – We are your advocates, and your representatives. This means you have someone to speak for you and partner with you through the difficult task of challenging your employer.
  • Be informed throughout the case – Being responsive to you means we will educate and inform you about the progress in your case. Understanding the law and the facts of your case will help us work toward your goals together.
  • Be connected with other organizations and resources – We will help you connect with other organizations or resources that may be able to assist you with your non-legal issues.
  • Be zealously represented – We will zealously represent you at all stages of the case, including negotiations, pretrial proceedings, your trial, and any necessary appeals that may result from your case.

For more information about how a lawyer can help you protect your rights in the workplace, contact Triquetra Law at: 717-299-6300.