Wage and Hour Claims

Do I have a wage claim?

Federal and state laws provide protections for employees concerning minimum wage, overtime, and wage payment and collection.  Some common situations where an employee may have a wage claim include:

  • Where an employer pays an employee less than the minimum wage of $7.15 per hour
  • Where an employer pays an employee a salary and no overtime, but the employee really should be receiving overtime pay
  • Where an employer withholds pay from an employee, other than for things such as union dues or health insurance co-pays
  • Where an employer refuses to pay an employee after the employee is fired or quit for the hours worked prior to the firing or quit

What is the consequence?

When an employer in Pennsylvania wrongfully withholds your pay, you can obtain:

  • back wages due
  • liquidated damages which vary based on the type of claim (e.g. 25% of wages due or $500, whichever is higher for pay withholding under state law; but double the amount owed for violations of federal minimum wage law)
  • Attorney fees

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